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tv   Headline News  RT  September 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the syrian government forces regained control of an ancient christian village that's been besieged by al qaeda linked rebels for days we bring you a detailed report from the site in just a couple of minutes. washington puts a strike against syria on hold with russia's proposal that damascus give up its chemical weapons allowing president obama to postpone a congressional vote amid a lack of public and political support. but also that the world economic forum opens in china as the country's government promises new reforms to turn its currency into a fully fledged alternative to the dollar and the euro our top stories this hour.
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live from studio center here in moscow was just turned eight pm this is r.t. with international news and comment well that we start in syria where government troops have forced al qaeda linked rebels out of the ancient christian village of the settlement which is home to some of the world's oldest religious sites was overrun by opposition fighters last sunday following days of heavy fighting. or if an ocean has made it to the village and joined us from by phone a little earlier in the last hour. that's it we have and. it's not even a good simple theory when you buy the army and right now and need soldiers. earlier to say the army are consoling the situation the only big one we are
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essential to a square right now. could have been impossible to get the courage to do consent to its. visibility is not controlled by the army but we are told that the last minute turned up to two hundred has also because it's public knowledge i didn't been trying to knock down trees that are surrounding malinda village and this is why it pays to kill and dangerous to do here and that's why they decided it will only involve journalists to come here to sun for at least. one hour so that the army's can challenge that situation right now on the ground that they say they need some time to finish its conflict they told her feel how tall the troops taking on the first day of the talk by the military and what charge by the end seven days are they say the army played the eighty's right now and again there are no military. there and they were kicked out of this hotel by the army and
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also we were told that they were up to thirty five bucks to local residents who were held hostage in the top of the basement of the tall tower and they're now freed and they seem to fall to to the capital city to a should maybe you can hear it from time to time on the rock we we hear shelling though we hear her shots into the army yes to try to get change of position they think are held by the military situation from the ground not my village is a known worldwide as one of the people who are they still make quite. which language so you can cry. a number or a. monetary concern monetary fund can. run the group. so i may be
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a member of. the world. thinking. on the operating model of actually although i'm not. in the market for even moderate hope about norton as a. problem. this may look like an ordinary farewell amongst friends but the man in the lawn as lama coat is a suicide bomber leaving on his final journey. this is his last conversation with his elder brother in a car that is supposed to take him to the rules of the central prison in aleppo syria and then explode sending him to paradise according to his beliefs these clips were found on a letter top taken from one man seen in the food age who is now in a syrian prison he calls himself russian and says he came to syria from the former soviet republic to fight. a group called approached me
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a year ago and convinced me that muslims in syria are being oppressed and killed and that i should go and take up arms against assad for world jihad and help establish account why to europe america and everywhere his necke to into syria last january through turkey in istanbul two men who said they were from al-qaeda and accompanied him to syria where he joined a large bomb in the gate run by an egyptian jihad is my job was mainly to prepare bombs for cars the rim any people all from different countries our teachers showed us how to make bombs which ingredients to use and how exactly to cook it. one of his recent assignments was analytical prison bowman last may the man you saw in the family well he did was driving the car the russian prepared russian brought his entire family to syria including his five year old son on this video the militant
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shows his boy how to make a bomb they say i'm sorry father dies the son should continue the jihad i don't know what allah prepared for me but we have to finish what we started we spoke to russian at the air force intelligence jail next to a military at port in damascus in the cells. can read all. the prisoners here are mainly charged with by the terrorists and spying. this newly built unit can accommodate up to two hundred people and already it's almost full. in the jails backyard an officer tells us not to get too close as the prisoners could be dangerous there are people here from syria yemen iraq jordan egypt and palestine but many came from europe as well. algerian with a french passport ammar has spent most of his life in france where he married a french woman and leave a normal life that changed after he was recruited by an islamic group with al qaeda
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ties calling for jihad in syria. i volunteered i went to turkey in a refugee camp there i met a salafi group and i trained with them for about two and a half months and then we illegally crossed the border into syria. says as a son of the a fundamental muslim he had to get involved. with so much sunni syrian brothers suffering here i saw in al-jazeera our beer and other channels the kids are also suffering i took up arms and i was ready to use them but when i came here i didn't see the enemy in a separate building they show west weapons including handmade bombs and green maids seized from middle. these are the instruments of global jihad that chose syria as a battlefield to bring foreign fighters and violence this prison may be full but beyond the walls really men with many causes remain free to continue their fight
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for. damascus syria. or if notion is keeping us updated on the situation on the ground there in syria twitter feed you can follow the latest updates. on a strike against syria could wait for the threat of military action should remain after weeks of belligerent rhetoric the u.s. president has agreed to give diplomacy a chance following russia's proposal to put syria's chemical weapons under international control well barack obama made the comments in an address to a nation which according to recent polls is mostly against engaging in a new war or not is going to can reports now from washington we saw president obama engaged in verbal acrobatics with the message that many americans will find very confusing he was forceful in pushing the idea that strikes against syria are necessary asking the american people to support him at the same time he will say maybe they will not be necessary and maybe diplomacy can work with whispering to
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russia's proposal for syria to give up its chemical weapons pickle it says it's too early to tell whether this offer will succeed in any agreement must verify that the assad regime keeps its commitments but this initiative has the potential to remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force particularly because russia is one of assad's strongest allies. i have therefore asked the leaders of congress to postpone a vote to authorize the use of force while we pursue this diplomatic path the spin that president obama is now putting on russia's proposal is that a diplomatic solution only came because he threatened force but as much as the u.s. president is now trying to capitalize on that line of fog it's important to remember what preceded this proposal president obama was facing congress that was most likely to vote no on his war initiative because american people overwhelmingly oppose military action against syria and they've been barred their representatives
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with calls demanding that they vote no so he had congress the american people against him on bad beat you was not going along the u.n. has been against such in the model action given all this many saw this diplomatic opening as a life raft if you will for president obama who with his military threat says basically boxing self into a corner we've heard a call for strip him of the nobel peace prize for not showing enough initiative to find a diplomatic solution while now the administration is saying secretary kerry is dismissive of mars on monday which russia picked up on was not really a rhetorical gaffe and that there was a strategy behind it by the way here's more about the strategy i've spoken to the leaders of two of our closest allies france and the united kingdom and we will work together in consultation with russia and china to put forward a resolution at the u.n. security council requiring assad to give up his chemical weapons and to ultimately destroy them under international control. will also give you one inspectors the up
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to report their findings about what happened on august twenty first it was interesting to hear president obama talk about the u. when and inspector considering that his administration was largely dismissive of the u.n. effort all the way trying to discredit the work of u.n. inspectors and refusing to show the u.n. security council the classified evidence that washington says it has against the assad government but it looks like the future of this resolution of this proposal will be about who the judgment on whether or not the proposal is working will belong to is it going to be the u.s. which has a track record of jumping to bombs as a first option or the international community which has a real interest in resolving the crisis in syria and making sure that the weapons are not used again despite the international community embracing the chance to end the diplomatic standoff over syria russia says disarmament proposal will work only
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if war plans a script all together and he said no he has more now on the view from moscow. syria has agreed to give up its chemical weapons this is a game changer it's a way out for the u.s. and also a chance for diplomacy in the syrian crisis something that seemed almost impossible just a week ago but according to russia in order for it to work the threat of force needs to be taken off the table. and with lou surely a positive mood because that i mean we've heard a positive reaction from syria to the chemical weapons destruction offer we're now hoping that our syrian colleagues will make a responsible decision to put their stockpiles under control agreed to destroy them enjoying the chemical weapons nonproliferation treaty no doubt it can only work if we get the u.s. and its allies to agree not to use force clearly this option is being taken very seriously by the u.s. it was first discussed by putin and obama and will now move forward this week
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between circuit love rove and john kerry but you're with these president comes through much to the votes of we did talk about the since you had the g. twenty summit and we agreed that it will work in that direction and we'll have the secretary of state and russian foreign minister to try and move this forward it's up to top diplomats now to try to move this proposal forward this week what many see as a last chance for a step towards peace in the syrian conflict. let's talk to chemical weapons expert professor james tour he joins us live now from the u.s. professor suspected that sarin was used in that chemical attack in syria what is it and is it easily produced it's easily produced sarin is a nerve gas and stiffer in. typical chemical weapon being a nerve agent it's a lot more toxic and if you are a victim of
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a sarin attack are you likely to die or can you actually survive an attack of this kind. well. people can survive but the likelihood of death is really quite high was sarin sarin is being a nerve gas it's much akin to when a person sprays an insecticide on an insect and the insect starts rising in pain for a couple of minutes and then dies it's very much the same with with a nerve agent it works the same way that an insecticide worse than an insect at their ends a magic cavity is a little bit different than the size of our and sematic cavity and you design the molecule a little bit differently and so it would not affect an insect but for people what it does is it. they do small motor control and they can no longer even even control their breathing and so they just start writhing just as an insect would you know
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very hard to breathe you say easily produce for example if for example stockpiles of sarin were removed from syria it can be made again not just by authorities but by anybody. anybody with access to some raw materials the raw materials are not gotten into at a grocery store but they can they can come in very easily one can buy on the chemical market items that are just one step away from sarin easily two steps away so a chemist with about a masters level of training can produce sarin quite easily so the rebels in syria could easily have used chemicals and cells in an attack of that kind. they could if they if they had recruited some chemists with with a few years of training in chemicals it's not something that somebody on the street could pick up in a few weeks they need a little bit more training than that and they need proper facilities to make it they need a chemical could but it certainly could be made presumably there are other sorts of
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chemical weapons that are available. yes there's many different types of chemical weapons that are available some of them easier to make than sarin not quite as effective as sarin is but easily made and easily brought in easily transported and what about this idea of maybe military intervention bombing areas or deputies that are suspected of holding chemical weapons that sounds quite reckless is that the way to go about removing that sort of threat well generally what will happen is if exposed to bombings it can spread the chemical so all those in the region would would be at risk once the chemicals are are exploded in that way there are other ways that are needed to try to remove these sorts of weapons and that's generally by hydrolysis in other words adding to a large amount of water or water with sorting hydroxide no i understand that you
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conducted and explain the prove that making chemical weapons is very easy to do if that's the case why haven't we seen more terrorist attacks using chemical weapons. well one of the reasons is probably because of natural selection those that try to make it are if they don't know what they're doing they're going to die in making it and so it's risky business if you don't know what you're doing if you know what you're doing if you have a gann about a masters level of training we did several tests to assess what level of training one would need and one can pull this off really quite easily and access to the chemicals is easy and then dispersion is easy why there have been not as many attacks with with chemical weapons i'm not sure but there are there are actually dozens of documented chemical attacks i know in the united states they don't receive a lot of attention but there are are documented attacks so just finally we can't
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rid the world of chemical weapons coming no that's absolutely impossible they're too easy to make and there they are frightening it's made professor thank you very much indeed chemical weapons experts have professor james torre live from austin texas really interesting to hear your thoughts on this and get your expert knowledge on chemical weapons thank you very much indeed. well we'll be back in. a very short break with more news including successful touched the soyuz capsule brings the crew of the international space station back to earth completing a mission in space plus. the smaller parties hoping to make a big impact in germany's national election and that's how they plan to take votes from mainstream accused of boring the electorate that's coming your way after the break. so.
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please. please please. please very hard to take. on the one that we ever had sex with her right there please. please. please.
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please please. please. please give them. a bit of a. use continues here in our teach oil now is ready to reform to make sure it's already spectacular rate of economic growth continues its aiming to establish the one as a world currency alongside combating corruption and regulating markets now this is likely to be discussed in the chinese city of delhi which is hosting the world economic forum or what's become known as the summer davos because you probably in the venture capital here a lot to take a look at the three day annual meeting of the new champions of the world economic forum as it officially titers will feature all the davus elements the global
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leaders the business heavyweights the save the world parses just mind this is but with the forever of valving global economy and tires increasing economic power in contrast to your stack of growth this asia event really highlights the economic shift east despite a recent slow downturn as economy is still posting enviable growth figures just this week china's industrial production rose by more than expected in august along with actually output and retail sales the latest signs that the world's second largest economy is still robust so with china demonstrating a resilient economy this begs the question why have a world economic forum in europe sure where growth is astounded is the flowers on the mountain tops added to this following on from the g. twenty summit is this is about the foundations of the one hundred billion dollars bric development bank we decided now this bank will rival the i.m.f.
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the world bank i will concentrate on supporting the developing world so the tensions focus east the remote ski resort of dov also even more isolated as a finance and they continue to warm up to asia. kitty pilgrim how well the chinese economy has been one of the fastest growing in the world but for some bird from peking university believes there's still much to be done by beijing if it wants that to go warm. there are a lot of things to the economy it's actually been a lot of other things in china like the political maturity and social problems that still loom at laci and china and one of the toppers actually at their global forum in this these days is also work ethics you know china wants to have a stakeholder in making the rules are fair game and shaping them in the future i think it's perfectly reasonable to think that the chinese want to see their currency to become the next work currency they supply and of course sign at the
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moment is for purchasing more and more gold this also plays into this. for what actually took control of the currency and to replace it with a yes. there's always plenty online for you including british police shocking the public since two thousand and nine you can read about the latest report on how the relationship between the u.k.'s bobbies and asians has been growing and the close in recent he is. also in london underground adoption network in the u.s. let's parents hand over unwanted children to new families using online advertising the details of this troubling story are right now but often don't come.
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the soyuz capsule carrying three members of the international space station has successfully touched down in the cosmic step among them was russian cosmonaut pavel vinogradov all through his sixtieth birthday while on the s.s. the nazis talk about reports on what else the crew did during their mission. one u.s. astronaut chris cassidy and two russian cosmonauts groud off and alexander missouri kin are back safely on earth after their five months in space they seem well having been fished out of their soyuz capsule which parachuted down on to the step in kazakstan they were then wrapped in thermal blankets and began their climatized ation back to conditions on earth up there for five months orbiting around they took part in a number of space walks to help maintain the international space station the size
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of a football pitch that floating spacecraft and also in involved in around forty different experiments looking at everything from the effects of zero gravity on organisms and also on the on different materials to to physical experiments such as new equipment brought up to the to the space station and looking at how well the space station itself is doing and bearing up to the rigors of zero gravity and and orbiting around earth there are three crewmembers now remaining up on the space station they'll be joined by three more shortly bringing the space station back up to its complement of six but for the moment we can all be glad that those those three crew of the i assess are back safely on earth. surface more world headlines in a world update in chile's capital santiago protesters clashed with police on the
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fortieth anniversary of gusto pinochet's military coup dozens have been arrested and at least one officer was reportedly injured security forces used tear gas and water cannon after being attacked with stones and petrol bombs the nine hundred seventy three coud oppose the democratically elected president salvador allende and led to seventeen years of military rule. in the libyan city of benghazi a powerful. losses ripped through a central street reportedly injuring one person the blast also damaged a branch of the central bank and the foreign ministry building comes a year to the day after the american ambassador and three staff were killed during an assault by militants on the u.s. consulate in the same city. to india now in a world update prosecutors there are seeking the death penalty for four men found guilty of fatally gang raping a young woman sentences are expected to be announced on friday the twenty three year old victim was viciously assaulted on a bus in new delhi in december last year sparked
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a nationwide help crime prompting the government to make the death sentence applicable in rape cases. so that to brings up to date with a news team with more from just have a whole phenomenon any time stay with us for breaking the set that's coming up in just a few minutes. the interview. a feel good.
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to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots fifty ip interviews intriguing stories for you. in trying. to find out more visit our big. dog called. you know i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so even though it is sad regime has agreed to give it give up its chemical weapons arsenal a bomb and his team of one man there's a new day and close to the night in a powder keg in syria as a result of two thousand speech from the then state senator obama started to
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attract attention and his campaign web site posted a video in two thousand and seven to highlight his fierce opposition to military intervention during the run up to the iraq war conveniently only thirteen seconds of the original two thousand and two speech exists online take a listen. i don't oppose war in all circumstances and when i look out over those clouds of day i know there is no shortage of patriots. or patriots there's a what i do oppose is adult war interestingly only a transcript remains for the rest of the speech and it's not hard to see why the obama p.r. machine isn't keen on making this particular video viral here's what obama goes on to say about former iraqi dictator saddam hussein except i've replaced two words for saddam and syria for iraq quote he has repeatedly defied un resolutions warded un inspection teams develop chemical and biological weapons but i also know that saad poses no.


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